At Hillcrest, there are a number of different services we provide, all of which are done to a high standard. Quality service is the priority of what we do in our business. We provide the management of services as specified within your lease or transfer document.

There are five different aspects we manage

  • Services
    • Preparing specifications for maintenance contracts, e.g. landscape maintenance, cleaning etc
    • Obtaining quotations for services and appointing contractors
    • Placing maintenance/service contracts for equipment – lifts, fire equipment, automatic gates, water pumps etc
    • Supervision of service contractors
    • Negotiating and arranging buildings and other insurances where applicable
    • Payment of supplier invoices
    • Financial monitoring throughout the year
  • Visits
    • Development inspections on a regular basis
    • Meeting with residents upon request during office hours
    • Meeting with residents’ associations/management co. directors as necessary during office hours
    • Meeting with contractors, developers and other agencies on site as necessary
    • Answering telephone and correspondence queries from clients and outside agencies
    • Providing proactive development updates to residents
    • Ensuring that Health & Safety legislation is followed at all times
  • Repairs
    • Inspection of repair matters prior to action where required
    • Inspection of repairs and management of contractor performance
    • Ordering responsive repairs with contractors
    • Inspection of completed works
    • Preparing programmes of planned maintenance and redecorations
    • Liaison with developers concerning defects in the common parts
    • Sourcing specialist contractors
    • Ensuring value for money on contractor invoices
  • Financial
    • Preparation and issuing of the annual service charge budget
    • Issuing invoices for service charge
    • Pursuing non-payment of service charge
    • Maintaining estate ‘trust status’ bank accounts
    • Payment of suppliers and contractors
    • Maintaining financial records
    • Payment of suppliers and contractors
    • Preparation of annual service charge accounts
    • Liaison with independent accountants concerning certification
    • Distribution of annual service charge accounts
    • Dealing with year end surplus or deficit
  • Risk assessments

    Property Risk Survey

    Health and Safety Property Risk Assessments is a general inspection of the property and surrounding area assessing the Health and Safety Risk to the property and its occupants.

    Underneath the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and numerous other pieces of Health and Safety legislation specific duties are placed on those responsible to manage Health and Safety within the property. Perhaps the most noteworthy Regulations are those which require a Risk Assessment to be undertaken.

    The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 require that a Risk Assessment of places of work is undertaken (which would include the common parts of residential properties). Our onsite survey will identify the people at risk, the hazards present, and the actions which are ‘reasonably practicable’ to reduce the level of risk to an acceptable level. This assessment would be recorded, and advice given to assist the implementation of the identified actions.

    The objectives of this service are to:

    • Provide a comprehensive report which details the premises, construction and management, fire, security, liability, claims and mapping data
    • Provide a set of recommendations for risk improvement

    The stages of our service include:

    • Defining the initial scope of the assessment project
    • Identifying the premises which are to be assessed
    • Scheduling a Surveyor to visit the premises to conduct the assessment
    • Providing a comprehensive report including recommendations for risk mitigation

    We offer:

    • Property risk survey services
    • On-going support and to ensure risk assessments are up-to-date and suitable
    • Communication to residents and employees to ensure they are aware of their on-going safety responsibilities

    Fire Risk Assessment

    The Fire Safety Order 2005, which came into effect in October 2006, was intended to replace a number of pieces of legislation including the requirement for a fire certificate. The main changes were to introduce a risk-based approach. This requires that a Competent Person carries out a continuous risk assessment to demonstrate that the Fire Safety precautions are adequate.

    Our onsite survey will identify the people at risk, the hazards present, and the actions which are ‘reasonably practicable’ to reduce the level of fire risk to an acceptable level. This assessment would be recorded, and advice given to assist the implementation of the identified actions.

    The objectives of this service are to:

    • Identify the fire hazards which have the potential to cause injury
    • Identify who is at risk e.g. employees, visitors, contractors
    • Identify what measures are already in place to avoid a fire or reduce it to an acceptable level
    • Determine what additional precautions need to be taken
    • Provide recommendations for an on-going review and monitoring of the preventative and protective measures


    The stages of our service include:

    • Defining the initial scope of the assessment project
    • Identifying the activities/premises which are to be assessed
    • Scheduling a Surveyor to visit the premises to conduct the assessment
    • Identifying and recording the hazards associated with each activity
    • Recording precautions already in place
    • Providing recommendations on additional precautions to reduce risks to an acceptable level
    • Agreeing procedures for the review and monitoring of the Fire Risk Assessment


    We offer:

    • Fire Risk Assessment services
    • On-going support and to ensure that the fire risk assessments are up-to-date and suitable
    • Communication to residents and employees to ensure they are aware of their on-going safety responsibilities

    Buildings Insurance Valuation

    The implications of not insuring your building correctly are very simple:

    • Over-insurance means you could unnecessarily pay too much for your cover
    • Under-insurance means any claim may not be paid in full in the event of a loss and you may have to make up the difference from your own resources


    There are a number of reasons why your current sums insured may be inaccurate:

    • You have not had a professional valuation carried out in the last three years
    • Your figures are based on market value instead of reinstatement costs
    • You have relied on rounding up historical figures on a year-by-year basis but may not have taken into account the increase in raw materials and labour costs
    • You have relied on the building developer’s figures at the time the property has been handed over to you. These may not include aspects such as debris removal costs, architects and Surveyors fees or the cost or meeting local authority requirements in the event of re-build


    Hillcrest can provide a building insurance valuation report under BCIS (Building Cost Information Service) guidance applicable for commercial and residential property. Additionally, we can offer a full Building Surveyor rebuilding valuation report, which is suitable for Listed buildings or those with unusual features or materials.
    Contact Hillcrest for more information >

    The objectives of this service are to:

    • Ensure that your building insurance cover is correct, therefore avoiding both over-insurance and under-insurance


    The stages of our service include:

    • Defining the initial scope of the valuation project
    • Determining the level of report required (BCIS or Chartered Surveyor)
    • Scheduling a Surveyor to visit the premises to conduct the valuation
    • Providing a full report including the insurance rebuilding valuation


    The Competent Person is defined as:

    • Someone who has sufficient training, experience, knowledge or other qualities to enable them to carry out a measure correctly


    Hillcrest can provide the Competent Person who is qualified specifically to carry out these assessments on your behalf.

    For all of the reports mentioned we offer on-going support to ensure our clients are fully compliant with their legislative requirements and to ensure the safety of the property and residents who live in it.

    If you are a self-managed block and are interested in having any or all of these surveys carried out, then please contact us. We offer a very competitive rate and can have the surveys produced within a matter of days.

  • Additional Services

    We may carry our the following services at an additional cost

    • Specification and supervision of major repairs and redecorations
    • Administering the residents’ management company and acting as company secretary. Providing directors and officers liability cover where necessary.
    • Dealing with solicitors enquiries upon assignment/sale
    • Dealing with consents; pet, sub-letting, alterations
    • Compliance with health and safety legislation for managed areas
    • Arranging regular insurance premium revaluations


    Actual Services:

    The following items may be included within your service charge as they are relevant to your development:

    • Landscape Maintenance: Grass cutting, beds maintenance, sweeping of paths and bin stores.
    • Cleaning: The internal communal areas, including dusting, vacuuming and mopping of hard surfaces.
    • Window Cleaning: Internal and external communal area window surfaces. However, due to Health and Safety regulations, some windows may not be able to be cleaned.
    • Water Charges: Provision for landlord’s supply to standpipe. In some cases, Hillcrest will levy charges for individual apartment water consumption.
    • Electricity: Common parts lighting, heating etc.
    • Lift Maintenance: Maintenance/Service contract
    • Fire equipment Maintenance: Service contract on any fire alarm, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers or emergency lighting including testing in accordance with regulations.
    • General Repairs & Maintenance: A provision for general repairs to the communal areas including lighting, joinery, door entry, locks, TV/Satellite etc.
    • Buildings/Property Owners’ Insurance: In the case of apartments, full buildings insurance and property owners’ liability (public liability)
    • Insurance Revaluation Fee: Amount payable towards the cost of periodic insurance revaluation by independent surveyors to ensure that the correct level of buildings insurance cover is maintained.

    Each development varies as to what is included in the service charge according to its construction, plant & equipment and facilities provided.

Service Charges Explained

Please be aware that Hillcrest is responsible for the building exterior, structure and communal areas and equipment. Any problem situated within your property is your own responsibility, however, it is best to check your lease or transfer documents, as it will outline the responsibilities to you.

What our clients say

‘Just a note to say how much I appreciate what you have done over the years managing 219 Redland Road. You were always so helpful and knowledgeable whenever I had a query.

Maintenance and management issues were always dealt with quickly and professionally, and your ability to coordinate works reassured me.

Thanks for providing such a good level of service. I would certainly recommend Hillcrest.’

Angela MacLeod Director of 219 Redland Road

‘Our Management Company, representing 22 flats, has been with Hillcrest Estates for six years. Throughout that time Hillcrest have been efficient, reliable and responsive to our needs. They have undertaken hands-on management of the practical issues, administered our management meetings, helped with tricky legal matters and resolved issues between owners. It’s been a great service, and very good value. We are happy to recommend them highly.’

Carol Freeman MBE Chairperson of Pembroke Place Management Limited

‘An extremely helpful and efficient organisation, who have had the management of our block of flats for 5 years. Their specialist knowledge and connections have meant that all management issues have been taken out of our hands and dealt with swiftly and efficiently. They are always happy to go that extra mile too and help out wherever possible. Highly recommended.’

Jules Moore Director of Redder Meadow Limited

‘I highly recommend the professional services provided by Hillcrest Estate Management. The team are proactive and responsive. Renovation projects are always well planned and managed. They provide a personal touch, and I appreciate them following up on any concerns with on-site checks in person. Even when I have been overseas Hillcrest have made communications very easy.’

Melanie Smart Former Director of 37-45 Pilgrim’s Reach Management Company Limited

‘Pembroke Place Management Ltd appointed Hillcrest to manage our property at Gloucester Street, Bristol, which had previously been managed by 3 different companies, and your company is by far the best.

We had also researched other companies in the Bristol area before your appointment and found that you had an excellent reputation.  This reputation has been thoroughly deserved and I do not would not want others to think that this unfortunate publicity represents any failings in your excellent services.’

Nick Thornely Formerly Chairman of PPML

‘As a private landlord of a flat in a building managed by Hillcrest I would very strongly recommend their services. I own three properties in Bristol and out of all three the flat in the building managed by Hillcrest is the most stress free on my part. Hillcrest are very quick to react to any issues that arise but they are also very good at being proactive in planning and budgeting for future work that will be required.

Adam is a great communicator and very quick to respond to emails, and he is also very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I have a busy life with little spare time and it is good to have peace of mind knowing that the building is being managed efficiently.’

Nicola Empacher Former Director of Clifford House (Management) Limited

‘I am always happy to sing Hillcrests praises to whoever will listen – the last five years have been ones of real progress for us – no arrears, first redecoration upstairs for 30 years plus major stair repairs and everyone, just about, kept onside, what’s not to like?’

Paul Rowlandson Director of Kimbourne Flats Limited

‘During the time spent with Hillcrest as our Managing Agents, I found them to be very accommodating and always available to help.  We initially moved to Hillcrest, having always run an internal management company, because of a difficult owner.  Hillcrest became the conduit, managed to resolve issues and very obliging when this particular property was ultimately sold.  We are now a very happy group of four leaseholders who are in situ for the long-term, so have decided to take up the reins and again manage our affairs internally.

We would definitely recommend Hillcrest to anyone looking to take away the responsibility of running large managements or where there are absent vendors/landlords.’

Penny Down Director of Number 18 Durdham Park (Bristol) Limited

‘I have personally dealt with the team at Hillcrest now for a number of years. This has been in a capacity as the Director of Sarah Kenny Lettings, a flat owner and a Director of Contemporis RTM Company Limited, a prestigious development of 103 flats in Clifton Village.

In all these various aspects I have found Hillcrest a pleasure to deal with. Maintenance matters are dealt with promptly and efficiently and communication is always clear and concise. The team of Estate Managers at Hillcrest take great pride in understanding how each development they manage works and the retention of staff means there is continuity for Leaseholders.

It is for these reasons that I am happy to recommend Hillcrest and have done many times before when approached directly by clients.’

Peter Allen Director of Sarah Kenny Lettings and Director of Contemporis RTM Company Limited

‘The successful partnership between Hillcrest Estate Management and the St Vincent’s Rocks Management Committee is based on the growth of an agreed shared understanding of our needs and expectations and the building of sound personal relationships between our owners and the Hillcrest team. Hillcrest took over our management from an unsatisfactory previous arrangement and showed rigour and determination to protect and progress our best interests. The creation of a Planned Maintenance Programme for the estate allows us to plan ahead constructively and with confidence. This is then backed by good financial awareness and no unpleasant shocks for our owners. Efficient communication channels and well informed Hillcrest staff are valued by us.’

Roger Opie Chairman of St Vincent’s Rocks Management Limited

‘I strongly recommend Hillcrest Estate Management. They have been our chosen agent for a number of years and after a brief period with others, we have returned to them. I have found them to be the best for a number of reasons, mainly that they are professional, approachable and friendly but most of all they really have a good understanding of how property management works. Others claim to but I have found them unable to deliver a good service, with inexperience being the main problem. Adam is an experienced professional and has the property’s best interest at heart.’

Sue McDonald Director of Shealand Property Management Limited

‘For over sixteen years, until very recently, I was a landlord of flats in a converted Bristol city centre apartment building, and the owner /resident of a flat within a purpose-built block located in Stoke Bishop. In addition, for many years, I was a Director of both management companies. Between them, the two companies have engaged over six management agents – to date, Hillcrest have been far and away the most effective.

Unlike some of the previous agents, Hillcrest’s staff comprise qualified estates managers with sound property knowledge and the ability to deliver to ensure premises are maintained to a high standard. My own experience is that Hillcrest’s staff behave professionally and courteously. In addition, the accounts team have efficiently managed the finances, minimizing the number of delinquent accounts and ensuring the build-up of sufficient reserves for future, critical works to both developments – one of which is a complex, listed building.’

Victoria Young Former Director of Protheroes House Management Committee Ltd and Howecroft Court Management Ltd