Q. What is the Management Fee?


The Management Fee is one element of the service charge and is Hillcrest’s charge for providing the day to day management service.

Hillcrest’s Management Fee is based upon a set annual charge per property. It is not based on a percentage of expenditure which of course would give no incentive to keep costs down.

In general, Hillcrest increases its Management Fee each year in line with inflation. We do not have a set fee structure as we believe every property is unique and requires its own bespoke service. By taking the time to talk with Directors and carry out site inspections, we try to identify exactly the level of service you want and we set our fees to reflect this. That way we hope to deliver real value for money for all our clients.

Our Management Fee does not have any hidden costs and we are totally transparent.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss this further or to arrange a meeting or site inspection with no obligation.